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Anca-Monia Constantinescu

Our committee is pleased to announce the winner of NHMFL’s



June 2017

Anca-Monia Constantinescu


Postdoctoral Associate


We would like to nominate Dr. Anca-Monia Constantinescu for Employee of the Month due to her outstanding contributions to our magnet time in the hybrid magnet recently, that was beyond her normal, more scientific every day work.   We are extremely glad of her recent achievement in construction of two user friendly probes with rotators for medium currents < 5 A transport measurement in resistive magnets. That effort turned out to be sine qua non for the success of the March run in the hybrid. Moreover, their fabrication significantly exceeded our high expectations. That is, her  tedious, high quality manual work, coordination between three machine shops, two designers,  purchasing, no-on-time vendors,  and on time corrective actions have led to perfect product  that worked without any problem during all the run in extreme hybrid magnet conditions. Owing to their construction it was possible to change samples in 20 min from low temperature to stabilized low temperature. Also, temperature stabilization was perfect up to at least 50 K  owing to creative control method, while the field angle was precisely measured by pick-up coils.  These probes were instrumental in successful measurement of angular critical current in REBCO  superconductor up-to 45 T at various temperatures. There is no other such data yet available  or published anywhere and it will be very valuable for the NI magnets up to 45 T that have  been designed, including a new user one, as well as for quench analysis of 32 T all-SC magnet.

Importantly, these probes will be also very useful for our collaborators and DC field facility  users from Barcelona, Houston, Baton Rouge, and Nagoya. We are very grateful to all who  helped us in this project. For these reasons and many more, we think Dr. Constantinescu should be recognized as Employee of the Month.




A special thank you to our EOM Voting Committee

June Employee of the Month Committee:

Aisha Qureshi

Laymon Gray

Kevin John

Richard Ludlow

Bradley Mook

Joana Paulino

Kristen Coyne


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