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Announcements: Looking for a hard-to-find resource?


Looking for a hard-to-find resource? 


Then head down to the Starbucks area each Thursday morning between 9 a.m. and noon, where you'll find librarians from the FSU Dirac Science and Engineering Libraries. They are at the lab every Thursday to assist scientists, new researchers and graduates students. Services provided include:
  • Verifying and locating hard-to-find references. 
  • Helping graduate students (and others) get started on literature searches for research projects.
  • Impact factors, cited articles—all things required for promotion/tenure.
  • Assisting with overdue or renewal problems.
  • Instruction one-on-one or with groups on a particular resource or groups of resources. 
  • Citation management issues, including which format to use and how to create a bibliography.
  • Using RefWorks or other citation management tools.
  • Working with authentication and log in problems.
  • Assisting with book ordering.
  • Presentations on new resources and services.
  • Assisting with Interlibrary Loan.
  • Assisting with other Libraries-related questions not mentioned above.
The librarians can usually be found somewhere in the vicinity of Starbucks on the main floor, but if the Wifi isn’t working, you'll find them in A321 (the condensed matter science conference room).


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