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 The MagLab is home to some of the world’s coolest technology, but with all of that power comes great responsibility (yes, the reference is on purpose!). If you haven’t already realized, we are serious about safety here at the MagLab! That’s why we made this interactive safety toolkit:


  Find the training you need to do your job safely





  Follow the ISM Process every time for safer job planning





  Carry your ISM Badge inserts for on-the-go safety reference





Implement the Stop Work Policy to enforce safety protocols and protect others from danger when something seems unsafe






Email to ask the MagLab’s Safety Team a question




Call 855-SAFEMAG (or 855-723-3624) for an urgent safety concern. If there is a medical emergency, call 911 first




 Visit to report a safety concern or near-miss





Take time to familiarize yourself with the safety disciplinary policy. In the event of an emergency, there is an emergency action plan to help guide our actions.


For more information on safety, visit the safety portal page.





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Report a Diversity Incident 

Use the MagLab's DiversityMag System to report any diversity concern, no matter how small. 

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